Decentralized Reputation & Justice System for Web3 and Real World Issues

  • Current Version: Alpha 0.5.0 (Private)

Welcome to the New Equilibrium!

YourJustice is a blockchain social network where anyone can create a virtual jurisdiction based on values and enforced by code.

Let's create a fairer world. Join the game-changing project and create sovereignty and freedom for Humanity.

Crypto Enthusiasts

Crypto Enthusiasts

Interact with those, whom you can trust. Make web3 more transparent through impacting reputation.

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Make your own laws & justice. Build trust among your community. Attract those, who make positive impact.

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Web3 Developers

Web3 Developers

Those, who want to make the world more fair while building on Polygon, Solidity, IPFS, theGraph, Node JS

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Investors & Ambassadors

Investors & Ambassadors

Invest in building trust. Advocate justice worldwide. Enhance society via CSR practices with YourJustice.⁀

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  • πŸ”Lawyers
  • πŸ¦‰Community Leaders
  • ☘️Eco-activists
  • πŸš€Blockchain Experts
  • πŸ¦„Metaverse Developers
  • πŸ•οΈDigital Nomads
  • πŸ‘“NFT Artists
  • πŸ’΅Investors
  • πŸ—ΏPhilosophers
  • πŸ”οΈNetwork States Founders

Statements that inspired us:

Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan

Former CTO of Coinbase

  • Start your own company
  • Start your own community
  • Start your own currency
  • Start your own countryNetwork States

Let’s get here together!

What’s inside?

Decentralized Reputation, Laws & Justice 3.0 platform for all types of human interactions

Create jurisdiction or join existing one

Create jurisdiction or join existing one

  • Declare your values & laws - what you think is good & bad in different dimenstions
  • Easily match with like-minded people - community members, customers & providers, staff
Your own laws & justice on blockchain

Your own laws & justice on blockchain

  • Enforce rules through impacting plural social score
  • File cases, upload evidence, invite witnesses and judges
  • Gain justice faster, cheaper and more efficient then at institutions
Gain transparent reputation

Gain transparent reputation

  • Anyone can check your reputation & impact it through trustable cases
  • If you do good to other people - you gain reputation score

Why do we consider the Equilibrium broken?

"Individual sovereignty, hi-jacked from birth, returns back with crypto. We all see the tension between old structures of social relationships and the emerging decentralized world"

Andrey Panferov

YourJustice CEO and co-founder
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    • Existing States

    • Virtual Jurisdictions
      in New Equilibrium

    • States and Laws systems

    • 190-249

      Existing States
    • Unlimited

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Transparency & Trust

    • 2/3 of countries corrupted

      Existing States
    • Insignificant corruption

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Crypto Economy Support

    • Weak

      Existing States
    • By default

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Justice speed and cost

    • 180 days - 5 years

      Existing States
    • 5-60 days, $100-1500

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Law & Justice officials

    • Serving themselves

      Existing States
    • Serving values and community

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Customer satisfaction

    • Declining

      Existing States
    • Presumably high

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Governance nativity

    • Only after high school

      Existing States
    • Facebook - level

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Reputation effects

    • Washed out by media

      Existing States
    • Indelible and Unforgettable

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Military enforcement

    • Centralized

      Existing States
    • None or Decentralized

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium
    • Case complexity

    • Any

      Existing States
    • Any

      Virtual Tribes in new Equilibrium


Building transparent environment

Q3 2021
PreSend - $300K
  • Team

  • Tokenomics

  • Ontology

  • CustDev

  • Marketing

Q2 2022 Alpha
  • Reputation & Justice Engine

    • Profiles

    • Reporting Scores

    • Escalation and Redemption

    • Jurisdiction & Laws

  • Genesis

    • Crypto People Profiles

    • Crypto Companies Profiles

  • Networks

    • Polygon

    • BSC

  • Solution Architecture

Q3 2022 Alpha
  • Extending Engine

    • Organization Profiles

    • Memory Profiles

    • Courts

    • Mediation

    • Moderation

  • Integrations

    • Reputation Widget

    • Webhooks

  • Matching

    • Value Tests

  • Civil & Legal Threats Insurance

Q4 2022 Beta
  • Jurisdiction Engine

    • for Communities

    • for DAOs

    • for States

    • for SEZs

  • Decentralized legislation

  • Code is Codex Social Structures

    • Compliances

    • Contracts

Q1 2023 Release

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Humans sharing the vision of a fairer world

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